Best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Augmented Reality Apps

What happens when you have a global award winning digital marketing entrepreneur as your company's Founder & CEO.  

Well, innovation, learning, excitement and of course, more successful result oriented digital campaigns.

Since 2010, we have constantly refined our plethora of services and focused on those which enable us to integrate digital solutions that is required by the end users, customers, prospects of our client brand partners based on the growing innovative solutions demands across the globe. This has not only enabled us to win prestigious accolades and or awards over the years but also given our client's exceptional quality services that is customized to their requirements.

We are glad to announce the launch of "Augmented Reality (AR) Apps" as part of our services as on 1st Jan 2017.

The augmented reality apps are custom designed to ensure that no two apps are the same. Why? Because each and every organization's requirements are different, based on their goals. So we ensured to design solutions that are customized to fit their needs!

What can our Augmented Reality apps do for your esteemed organization / brand / business:

  • Assist you to drive sales and high engagement.
  • Simulate your 3D models in the real world, in real size and of course, in real-time too.
  • Empower your prospects and customers imagination with astounding interactive brochures / branding collateral / print experiences.

Which industries can it add real value to:

  • Travel and Tourism industry can use it to connect with customers in a whole new way of creating life like simulated environments.
  • B2B can use it to sell its industrial solutions with our power AR apps.
  • Hospitality: Hotel businesses and Restaurants can integrate to create a simplified ordering process for their customers. They can also use it for their customers to get a real-life feel of the menu items, take a look and live AR walk-through into the luxurious rooms of the hotels, check out amenities offered, unlock some hidden bonus upgrades etc
  • Print media: Give life to your branding collateral. Let your brochures come to life. 
  • Real-estate: No more simple ready-made video walk-through. Give your interested customers an option to scan the brochure of your commercial and or residential projects with a basic layout plan and let them experience what it feels like to see the sample flats available and designed, experience the amenities, facilities your real-estate projects have to offer right from the comforts of their office or homes.
  • Automobiles: No more waiting for your customers to come to your showroom or wait for them to see a video of your lovely automobile. Give them a real touch and go experience of the beautiful vehicle's interiors, exteriors, let them try out color options, changing the wheels, zooming in and out of your car, testing out features of your exquisite automobile etc using our Augmented reality apps.
  • Education industry can empower it's students /  their parents to digitize the teaching-learning experiences and that too in real-time. AR apps can enable you to redefine how learning takes place at your elite institutions (onsite and or online).
  • Billboards: Add life to your bill boards. Let them do more than simply show a video of your branding campaign when users flash our AR apps. Let it bring your products and services to life.
  • Events, exhibitions, art shows, seminars, workshops: Create an AR app for every purpose. Give your customers a first hand experience using easy to use apps that can take them to the virtual world and beyond right from the comforts of their homes by simply using a smartphone with our AR app.
  • Retail / Home Decor / Fashion / Lifestyle: Need we say more!

Can you think of some more exciting ways in which your organization can make use of our Augmented Reality apps, well, then what are you waiting for? Enhance your customer experiences and boost your marketing activities. 

What can you do with our custom designed Augmented Reality APPS:

  • Create a custom designed AR app for your organization
  • Create custom experiences within your app
  • Create custom trackers for mapping the interactive content
  • Scan and impress. Take it up a notch! Engage, connect and build a strong sales funnel of seriously interested customers.
  • Integrate with our digital marketing campaigns. What is the use of an app unless it's active used by your customers? And when you have a team that has vast experience across industries and countries in the field of social media and digital marketing, it's only logical to engage us to design a measurable digital marketing campaign for your business.
  • Power packed Analytics to help you track the reach and engagement efficiency of your augmented reality apps and campaigns

The power of Augmented Reality (AR) today is to integrate the real world with the virtual in a way that is simply able to overlay to the physical environment
around you. The biggest aspect of AR today is the fact that it enables using realistic 3D models which create an enhanced experience for the end users. 

How can YOU create a better impact with Augmented Reality apps:

There are digital tools, process, ideas, strategies etc heard across the globe. But where you use it will make all the difference in the world.

So, will you AR simply play a video or take you to another website or will it enable your prospects and customers to be transported into an exciting and engaging world that will build tremendous boost in the way they connect and relate with your brand's product and services by adding great VALUE with Live interactions.

It's your call!

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