Corporate Training for Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Blogging, SEO and Social media


As of September 2017, we have conducted Corporate Training Programs for 2,500+ participants across 27 cities in 27 industries in India on the following areas of Specialization and Learning: "Digital Marketing, Social Media ROI customized Corporate Training programs, Designing Digital Marketing campaigns, Branding, Start-up & Innovation, Creative Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Technology integrated Marketing, Marketing Research Management"


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HIGHLIGHTS of our Corporate Training Program:

  • Hands-On Training on tools, process and strategies implementation.
  • Real Industry focused actual Case Studies discussed across Industries and Countries (USA, UAE, UK, INDIA, SPAIN and AUSTRALIA).
  • Support for Participants online after the Training Program is completed.
  • Extended Support across our Premier Tier Corporate Training on Digital marketing Programs with skill upgradation, employee advocacy, employee engagement, employee skill development .
  • Course material provided in soft copies after training program successful completion for participants who have attended the same.
  • Extended support through a rich Knowledge Resource Center (KRC) provided for participants for reading latest industry updates, tools, process, strategies, best practices in digital marketing, social media, online branding, pay per click, advanced analytics etc via the Corporate Trainer's website, blogs etc.
  • Through the Training program, participants are encouraged to ask as many queries as possible from their end to ensure highest engagement, interaction, live query discussion throughout the program by the trainer.
  • Test case scenarios where the Trainer creates sample industry based scenarios and participants share their responses, feedback and design digital marketing social media campaign plans LIVE during the training program and get their feedback on the same from the trainer to ensure high level of retention.
  • Introduction to AUGMENTED REALITY (AR), Big Data , Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) on how they can have a powerful impact with new age marketing media, tools and process across industries.
  • Power packed CURRICULUM with new age media tools, process and core focus on Digital Marketing Strategies and Social Media ROI across Countries and Industries.
  • Custom designed onsite LIVE Training provided by 3 time GLOBAL Award Winning Digital Marketing social media CEO, Mr.Ananth V

Latest Program Updates:

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September 2017:


Live from Vivekanand Education Society institute of Management Studies (VESIM) - 53 Lakh+ impressions across 3.22 Lacs + Unique Users Reach #VESIMDGM Corporate Training Digital marketing social media by Ananth V

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SP JAIN School of Global Management Digital marketing & Metrics 9 Day Training Program

RADIOCITY Advanced Digital Marketing hands-on Training Program

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April 2017:


ITM Universe, 2nd Two Day NATIONAL DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING workshop program by Ananth V at ITM Universe, Vadodara, Gujarat on April 18th & April 19th 2017


March 2017:


Dec 2016:


Other Programs in December 2016


November 2016

  • Hyderabad: 2 Day Corporate Training: 14 Participants from 6 industries: Digital Marketing for ROI generation
  • Jaipur: 3 Day Digital Marketing Advanced BLOGGING Training: Content Marketing, SEO, PPC and Analytics for Blogging for BUSINESS
  • Bengaluru - Entrepreneurship Start-up 2 Day Corporate Training Program: Integrating Real Growth Hacking Strategies for your BUSINESS - REVENUE - CUSTOMERS using Digital Marketing and Social media

October 2016

Oct 2016: International Advanced Digital Marketing Social media Training Programs are now available for downloads. Prospectus can be downloaded from links given below across specific locations and across different academic and corporate training programs.

October 2nd 2016: Our International Training Programs custom designed for Elite Academic Universities, Colleges and Institutions with extended support and Customized Corporate Training International programs with Employee Development Extended Support through the year across the following Countries are now available for Bookings -  USA, UK, UAE, AUS & GERMANY

These are Onsite Training Programs wherein our Global Award winning Digital Marketing CEO (who has custom designed these courses and will be conducting the same) will be visiting your Organization and or Academic institution across (USA, UK, UAE, AUS and Germany) to deliver these power packed hands-on training programs on Digital Marketing and Social media with extensive Course Curriculum modules, state of the art training technology integrated course delivery modules, process and techniques with actual industry focused case studies  from USA, UK, UAE, AUS and INDIA on Social media and Digital marketing.

You can download the individual Prospectus depending on your location and type of training required as per the links shared below.

1. Academic International Training Programs:

Advanced Digital Marketing and Social media for Academic Institutions and Universities across UK, USA, UAE, GERMANY and AUS - Click here to know more and Download the detailed Prospectus.   2. Corporate International Training Programs: Advanced Digital Marketing and Social media for Academic Institutions and Universities across UK, USA, UAE, GERMANY and AUS - Click here to know more and Download the detailed Prospectus.

3. Academic International Training Programs Exclusively for Elite academic Universities and Institutes in DUBAI

Advanced Digital Marketing and Social media Training - Click here to know more and Download the detailed Prospectus.   4. Corporate International Training Programs Exclusively for DUBAI Advanced Digital Marketing and Social media Training - Click here to know more and Download the detailed Prospectus.

5. Academic Training Programs Exclusively for Elite academic Universities and Institutes in INDIA 

Advanced Digital Marketing and Social media Training - Click here to know more and Download the detailed Prospectus.   6. Corporate Training Programs Exclusively for INDIA Advanced Digital Marketing and Social media Training with Employee Development programs & skill up-gradation - Click here to know more and Download the detailed Prospectus.   *************** September SEPTEMBER 2016: NEWS Update: "Advanced Digital Marketing social media workshop courses launched" from Techdivine on 17th September 2016: CLICK HERE NOW TO KNOW MORE

UPCOMING Workshop Courses and Batches: 1 Day, 2 Day, 4 Day, 9 Day OFFLINE Digital Marketing Workshop Courses and Online Courses of 50 Hours - Click Here for complete details

All our Corporate Training programs are Customized to suit your requirements in terms of:

  • Learning speed and levels: (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Hands-On Learning LIVE
  • Both: Online and Offline (face to face training) courses available
  • Case Study based learning
  • Real-time Metrics and case study approach to learn tools, metrics, analytics, process and strategies on social media marketing
  • Updated to ensure new age media tools and processes are included for best learning experiences that are relevant for participants
  • Participants are encouraged to ask queries throughout the training program
  • Industry focused learning experience
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Customized to cater to different time zones across countries in case of Online training for our international clients and participants
  • Learn from the Best Digital Marketing Professional in India Ananth V
  • Learn from "Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders 2016"Awardee, Mr.Ananth V: Awarded by CMO ASIA & World Marketing Congress

As a digital marketing agency founded by a Global Award winning & Digital Marketing Social Media CEO, Mr.Ananthanarayanan V (To know more about him: “Click here: Our Founder Ananth V”), as part of our digital marketing and online advertising services, introducing “Corporate Training” services under our offerings was an obvious decision.

Interested in getting a Customized Free Quote on a Corporate Training Digital Marketing and Social media Program for your Top performing team members: Reach Us here NOW using our quick form link to know more & we will be glad to revert at the earliest >>>

Core services offered under Corporate Training for delivering the Best Digital Marketing and Social media services & consultation for your esteemed Organization:

Do note: Other than the Corporate Training services shared below, we also conduct customized WORKSHOP events / seminars on "Understanding Social media, digital marketing, SEO and Blogging" in some of Mumbai's premier Hotels.

These are conducted by our CEO through the year.

In case you would be interested in Professional power packed Corporate Training's for your Institution's or Management Students or for your Organization's elite Marketing Professionals, you can feel free to reach us for the same. Use Subject Line: "CEO SMM Workshop" and write to us at "". These are conducted during weekends at some of Mumbai's premier hotels or at the client's Corporate office locations. These workshops will be insightful, budget friendly, resourceful and also hands-on.


Few Testimonials:

I've had the privilege of having hands on training for Social Media Marketing during 3 days exclusive workshop. Ananth is one of the most knowledgeable Digital Marketing experts I've met. He is great with clients, projects & has a warm professionalism. If you need an experienced SEO/SEM professional to do the job, make sure you have his Digital agency, Techdivine Creative Services on board. - Sagar Sanghvi

Moments that were extremely special and rich with learning include not only the training that is given by Mr.Ananth, but also the time he gives you to ask any queries and actually comes to your seat and stands next to you as you share your doubts and queries from your computer screen.  Its very less about slideshows or presentation and extremely high on actual learning with hands-on experience. Thanks Mr.Ananth. Can't wait to attend your next workshop. ~ Sahil Kannan: Marketing Director - Recon Logistics Pvt Ltd.

Ananth is a walking talking robot with a heart and mind that works like a fluid machine. He is all about numbers, brands and social connect with digital humanized brand engagement. His lectures were Warm, welcoming and full of energy. Finally a workshop event experience that was way more than what was promised for a SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING course. Exceptional. Looking forward to the next one. Loved the certificate, will be cherished ~ Tanmay Vikash - Chartered Accountant

 I actually made live social media campaigns, blog posts, adwords, facebook ads, posts, tweets etc did it live and tested each of them at this workshop of Mr.Ananth.It was very engaging. Thank you Sir. Best part was the case studies and hands-on practice with your feedback ~ Rajesh Pillai ~ Chartered Accountant, CPA

As for the Corporate Training services:   What will be included as part of the corporate training services: (Brief details are shared below. For complete details under our ‘Corporate Training’ services, feel free to email us or call us for more information) –

Biggest advantages for Corporate / Organizations / Brands and or institutions from our Corporate Training services:

  • You will be trained & guided by our CEO, 'Mr.Ananth V' in your office or online as per your organizational requirements.
  • You will receive "After-Training-Support for 1 month" from our digital marketing social media agency.
  • Your concern for understanding various and or rapidly changing 'social tools' and or 'new age media tools' will be majorly minimized by our industry experience and knowledge.
  • We will share insights in terms of "marketing, technology" tools and process that work the best across the social platforms during the training process and those suited to meet your organizational needs.
  • Each organization or corporate availing our digital marketing corporate training services will be empowered by ourDIGIT Processas under:

DIGIT Process under our Flagship brandYour SMQ® ~ Social Media Quotient

D: Designing a training module as per your requirements.

I: Integrating both, technical and online marketing platforms and initiatives as part of the campaign training process.

G: Goal based charts to focus on your organizational expectations from the digital marketing campaigns run by your team after the training process.

I:  Individual assessment during which, we will also run a simulation DIGITAL MARKETING Campaign to understand the level of comfort attained by not just the group, but even your INDIVIDUAL team members who have undertaken this training workshop.

T: Training support: 1 Month ‘after-training support’ to monitor and support your team’s performance to run your online marketing digital initiatives.  

This DIGIT process empowered and launched under our REGISTERED Flagship brandYour SMQ® ~ Social Media Quotientwill help us to CUSTOM DESIGN your training requirements right from the start, as per your organizational needs and expectations from the digital marketing campaign initiatives to be run by your team after the successful completion of the training process.  For details of the modules covered, the duration and strength of the number of team members who can attend the same simultaneously, please reach us here for more details and we will get back to you at the earliest.Reach us & Mention your requirements in the form link from our Contacts Page here or Just drop us a call or drop an email at

Few more Testimonials:

I was planning to attend a Digital marketing course for a long time but was looking for something that would not just teach me tools and process but actual case studies with strategies to do it. Mr.Ananth's workshop of 2 days was perfectly what I was looking for to learn hands-on. Thoroughly enjoyed learning the same. ~ Sanjay K - Sr. Marketing Manager Viswas Textiles Pvt Ltd.

I have to say, even the lunch experiences during Mr.Ananth's 2 day workshop was about exchanging queries and clarifying doubts about our own industry concerns and when I posed them to him, he welcomed it and shared his ideas. Tremendous dedication and exceptional knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing, Thank you Mr.Ananth. Best part was, it was hardly filled with presentation slides, it was all actual real-time metrics and hands-on learning experience ~ Savitha Kamath Phd. Bio-Tech - Entrepreneur

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LATEST NEWS Update: "Advanced Digital Marketing social media workshop courses launched" from Techdivine on 17th September 2016: CLICK HERE NOW TO KNOW MORE  

All Our Corporate Training Programs are booked at least 30 to 45 days in advance. To ensure you get your most convenient days with Customized Digital Marketing Hands-on Case study focused training program - Book Your DATES NOW using the form link given below.