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MAGAZINE CONTENTS of VOL 3. ‘Your SMQ – Social media quotient’

  • Cover Page: This issue’s theme is – "HUMANIZE Your BRAND"
  • From the CEO – 5 Years of Techdivine
  • Our Services
  • Humanize your brand with social media digital marketing
  • The rise of broadband, construction and the fall of human connect in the digital world ~ Telecommuting in the digital space by Ananth V
  • SEO and social bookmarking
  • How to empower your Sales with a disciplined digital and social media marketing campaign
  • Contest on Social media – Who really wins?
  • Building brand conversations with technology and research insights – AI, AN, IOT
  • Industry NEWS
  • TOP NEWS from Techdivine -Awards, interview and events
  • Your SMQ Vol 3 Credits & disclaimer
  • SMM Book
  • Creative Flyer

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