Mobile integrated Social media marketing (SMM) services:


Did you know that, on 5th May 2015, Google officially stated that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”.

Also, studies reveal that with smartphones now available across the globe, users watch and read tons of content including videos, advertisements on mobile phones more than ever before.

Which is why we design PPC campaigns to cater to their needs, in other words, for your needs?

Now what do brands advertising to such 'targeted users' need to ensure is that, “if your ads are on their phones, ensure that your advertisements give them an option to “CALL YOU or REACH YOU” through that ad itself for higher click-through-rates (CTR) and in turn better return on investment (ROI). So that these enquiries and or prospects can connect with you with a single click rather than go to a link and then submit a long form as part of your social media digital marketing and advertising campaign. Such is the power of Mobile integrated social media marketing services today. 

We design PPC campaigns keeping in mind the varied demographics and types of users who watch your advertisements online.

We design, customize, implement, measure and manage those ads and at the same time share the daily reports with your team so as to give your brands the flexibility to customize your Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising campaigns on a daily basis too. This is based on your budget and organizational goals designed as part of our digital marketing social media campaign which is integrated, also keeping in mind your prospects and or end users mobile and or smartphones device preferences across different OS and or brands.

Not only that, our SEO services are custom designed to enhance your search rankings and we optimize the same for mobile viewers by creating responsive template designs for your website and landing pages. So our mobile integrated social media marketing campaigns are designed by taking into consideration varied aspects of any design and digital marketing campaign across brands and industries.

We think, plan, implement, track and measure well enough, so that all you need to do is share your feedback and help us in assisting your organization by creating better and improved digital campaigns for your esteemed brand.

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