Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social bookmarking:

Few simple steps to a clean, light and content rich searchable website: Optimize your Search engine rankings with these free SEO tips from us

  • Keep it light: Make sure the web pages are light in file size. Use more of images which are compressed format’s and are optimized for web.
  • Tag your HTML properly: Use right formats of HTML and validate them. More than flash files, html pages can be indexed quicker and faster.
  • Headline and Title: Make sure your website does not have too many repetitive headline or title tags throughout the website. Many search engines may read this as spam texts rather than keywords.
  • Core Keywords: Make sure each webpage uses maximum of one or two keywords across the webpage and not too many. It helps in ascertaining the right tag to pull for the particular page which they are being indexed or searched.
  • Proper Name for Url: Do not use numbered names in Uniform resource locators (Url) of your website. For eg. if your main page is going to talk about chocolates, make sure your page name is something like chocolate.html or choco.html etc and not ch12.html.
  • Text or images: Search engines indexes the pages based on textual content. So keep fewer images and more of text. But make sure the text is not repetitive in nature.
  • Alt Text your Images: When using images, do not randomly name them. Add “alt text” tags to images with captions if possible and make sure the name of the image does justice to the subject of the image.
  • For eg. If the subject for the page is a motivational quote and the picture is of a rising sun, naming it ‘motivate’ would make more sense than sunrise.
  • When in Rome, be a Roman: Be a part of the discussions across similar websites like that of yours or forums or groups which discuss products and services that you offer. It takes care of your Off-page SEO for you too.
  • As you sow, shall you reap: Back links and pingbacks: Make sure you offer websites to redirect or pingback to you based purely on their content and not just on their page ranks. Many a times you might get those “tempting” offers for website pingbacks from spamming sites too. Also, add links to sites from your site or blog to those sites which are high on quality page ranking by search engines.
  • Keep them alive: Make sure you check your site for broken links and proper navigation across pages.
  • Add a sitemap if you can for your website too.
  • Mobile optimized: Make sure your website is mobile optimized and or responsive

If you are looking for more professional and consistent results based search engine optimization (SEO) services for your website and or brand that includes the following:

  • Keyword density analysis
  • Website analysis
  • SEO validation
  • Error-free html validation
  • SEO optimized content
  • Digital marketing integrated with SEO solutions
  • Social media marketing with Search engine optimization
  • Paid SEO results
  • Organic SEO results
  • Improved Google page rankings across search engine
  • Offline and or offsite Search engine optimization as part of your social media digital marketing brand campaign

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