Digital Marketing FAQ
What is the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing (SMM)?

Response: Digital marketing is a larger domain within which social media is a part of the same. For eg. Under digital marketing there are multiple services like viral marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO, etc.

Does your digital agency, Techdivine Creative Services provide digital marketing services completely or can a brand or a company also choose from specific services under the same?
Response: Yes, Techdivine as a digital marketing agency, provides solutions that your company would find to be useful, resourceful and actually needs. Your brand or organization can choose from a plethora of services either as a complete solution or even individual services as per your company’s requirements.
What is the price for SEO, search engine optimization and to get our brand on page no.1 of google and can you guarantee the same?

Response: No agency should guarantee “page no.1 google ranking”, and in fact, we are very positive that even Google themselves will not “guarantee” the same. Reason being, the page ranking depends on several factors and algorithms that go into the process of website page ranking across search engines. But yes, we can proudly say that we have delivered search engine optimization services for several clients of ours as part of our digital marketing agency services results that have got them on PAGE NO 1 of Google for their core keywords.

There is no fixed price for SEO services as a digital agency from our end, since even Search engine optimization services are customized as per your needs, timeline, duration, number of keywords to be optimized, website analysis, keyword density analysis, etc.

How much do you charge us for one year social media marketing services as a digital agency, for social media optimization, seo and brand marketing?

Response: Every digital marketing campaign is customized as per your requirements and needs. In fact, we even do a SMM analysis wherein as a digital marketing agency, we send you a report in which you would receive the SMQ (social media quotient) analysis for your brand and if you really need a social media marketing campaign for your company at this stage and if yes, what are the various services that your brand would find useful and resourceful at this stage. This analyzes your needs based on various factors as calculated under our REGISTERED “Your SMQ - Social Media Quotient” brand analysis with our ROADMAP strategy that has been tested and proven across 18 industries, 34 brands in 5 countries.

Do you undertake social media and or digital marketing consultation wherein you can train our company and or team members in our office for doing in-house digital marketing services?

Response: Yes, we do that too.
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