Social Media Marketing guide

Quick tips, guides and power quotes on social media from our award winning digital marketing CEO “Ananth V”


  • Social media marketing is not about hits, likes or follows. It was, is and will always be about people. People buy from people they trust. Humanize your brand.
  • Digital marketing campaigns needs to be integrated with “measurable” goals with realistic timelines so as to ensure both the strategies and campaign ideas are productive from the digital agency’s point of view and generate Return on investment (ROI) for the brand too.
  • Brands have a role, much more responsible than ever before, i.e. to connect with the customer within.
  • Always integrate “instant gratification” as part of your social media marketing campaigns for your brand ambassadors online.
  • As important as it is to listen to your customers and competitors, ensure to LISTEN to your own brands tone online too from time to time.

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  • Branding is not a one-time strategy. It is a daily effort with a sincere idea to add value to your end users.
  • If you exist as a brand today, then someone out there is already talking about you. So make sure you too are part of the conversation prism.
  • Social or digital marketing campaigns are not technology products and neither are they marketing gimmicks. They are sincere approaches to integrating the traditional personal connect of marketing with new age media tools.
  • Responsibly use the available platforms after properly analyzing them and understand clearly the technology available through those online social networking sites before placing your brand on it.

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