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  • This book was among the most popular books in this specialized field across Europe and USA in Jan 2015
  • This book was specially written for corporate marketing and senior management professionals who are key decision makers.
  • This book is written by award winning digital marketing CEO Mr.Ananthanarayanan V

Social Media Marketing Brand ROI

Revolutionary techniques integrated with 'humanized' experiences with PROVEN Research process Tested with Results oriented approach in Social media marketing. Understand how to focus & deliver Return On Investment (ROI) while co-creating value for end users with personalization "PLUS" an EXCLUSIVE Readers Only Special OFFER at the end of this book to WIN the quiz in this book & become a part of our 'exclusive Corporate premium blog' for marketing your brand with us. This book will be useful for CMO’s, CEO’s, CTO’s and senior marketing management professionals who are key decision makers planning or strategizing digital marketing campaigns with specific goals in mind. CONTENTS: ROI generation in Social media using:

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Higher Brand reach
  • Quality brand engagement
  • Reaching target specific consumers
  • Brand monitoring
  • What to measure and how to measure it?
  • Lead enquiries and ‘Sales’ conversions


  • What is social media marketing?
  • What is social media quotient (SMQ)? How do I measure my brand’s SMQ?
  • Will social media marketing campaign really help my company or brand?
  • How to get started?
  • Which social networking site to choose?
  • What type of messages really appeals to end users on social media? (How do contests, freebies, etc impact them?) – “RESEARCH” based insights
  • How safe is it to have an engaging relationship in real-time with my end users?
  • Trends: Should I be a part of the frenzy, just because everyone is talking about it?
  • What do I track and how often do I measure my social media digital campaigns across my brand’s varied marketing strategies?
  • What do I do with my company’s traditional marketing strategies meanwhile?
  • Best time to post on social media
  • Sales conversions and social media ROI metrics based on –
    • LTV (lifetime value of a customer)
    • CPC (Cost per customer)
    • CAC (Customer acquisition cost)
  • Your SMQ® – Your Social media quotient tools and process - Special Research insights added: Research based insights across '1,000 Users' online from NINE industries ((Hotels and hospitality, Movies, Real-estate, Retail, Finance & banking solutions, Publishing, IT institutes, Management institutes and Trading & Broking) to understand: “Why would users online engage with YOUR BRAND on SOCIAL MEDIA?”
  • Test your SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND quotient. The questions are based on this book
  • WIN a surprise gift from me! BONUS Content: - Social media misconceptions cleared - Creative story telling using social media - Power SEO – Simple tips for quick website optimization - Key branding rules online - Don’t make a social faux pas & also few useful resources, posts and ‘case study’ links for downloads.

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