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Today the power of social networking sites like facebook, orkut, myspace, Friendster have been more than successful in capturing the three worlds – Corporate, Consumer & Social influencer.

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There are many brands which choose to begin with Viral marketing campaigns when they kick-start their online marketing activity. And why not, with the power of live and interactive tools that have been integrated and have become part of emailers, landing pages, web banners etc today,  viral marketing is much more than your regular “just to sell” emails.

Viral Marketing campaigns can be carried out for products (physical & software), services, Brands, internal referrals, new offers, product upgrades, etc in a manner that truly adds some value to the end user.

Of the various ways and techniques in which one can promote products across viral marketing campaigns, emailer campaigns and landing pages are two of the most powerful and popular formats.

Moreover, when its linked with each other, as in an emailer click-through landing you on your target page is one of the best forms of viral marketing campaigns connect available.

  • Simply, to begin with, when the click-through occurs, the prospect is already at a stage where he or she has shown their interest towards the message in the emailer.
  • Then, once landed on the target page, the impact of the visual and message which form part of the real offer is what tells the marketer about the appeal of that offer to the said prospect.
  • This finally depends on whether or not the prospect registers on the target landing page and responds to the call of action.
  • At the same time, the new age media tools today give the marketer enough statistics and marketing tracking and measuring tools to track the complete click, hit, land or miss journey based on which the organizations future viral campaigns can be planned and implemented.

viral marketing emailer campaigncreative marketing landing page emailersend emailer to customer prospect filter social marketing researchuser customer sales prospect social influencer viral marketingregistering for your emailer marketing viral campaignmeasuring ROI on social media viral marketing connect campaign Cold call to Prospect to Customer landing page viral creative emailer marketing

“Planning Your Landing Page / Emailer Viral Marketing Campaign right from stage 1 to have a more systematic tracking approach.”

Lets see, so you have your creative lined up, your HTML and your php or SQL page ready for database management, tracking and your CRM software or your creative marketing agency does the rest of blasting mails across ids.

The real question is, would we still want to rely only on an email blast tool to shout out our company’s important message across our prospects.

Isn’t this what we term or mark as spam most of the time. Yes, they are.

So how do we assess that the target receiving the emails is our target market?

I guess we would find out once we check the metrics and analytics, tracking etc. OR Is it only because our advertising and marketing agencies tells us they are.

Well, if you have picked either of the above answers, then I guess the core message itself has got failed to connect right from the root level.

This is the social era. The power of Peer and influencer’s rule over any aspect of ‘email blasts’ today.

reaching across right influencer target peer influencing viral marketing reach social media connectemail phone social networking sites referrals viral emailer landing pagelarger network reach similar interest group target marketing

So how do we know whom to target? Wait a minute, the question itself needs to be rephrased here.

Its not whom to target, but whom to connect with.

That’s right, with the power of social media marketing campaigns, social bookmarking tools, blog power, geo and demographics targeted marketing possible today, it becomes more than easy to reach out to a far more better filtered and interested group of right prospect / consumer and not just spam those who are not currently in need of the product. This also helps to reduce their current chances of marking your email id and your brand as spam. With tools like block emails, call ids, spam subject filters, these aspects matters a lot for any Brand, whether they are already massive or gradually growing.

This gives you an opportunity to assess the power of a creative marketing message appeal too. Especially in case of referral viral marketing campaigns.

Today we can track with the right customized social media marketing creative viral campaign tools “who,when,how long,from where”  and to the core of such insightful metrics.

The advanced tools available for market analysis, customer responsiveness research and tracking are powerful enough when applied appropriately to help you connect with the right customer.

So we have now moved from a visibility era and journeyed to the era of reach, connect and finally to the power of real-time ‘leads’.

measuring tracking viral marketing landing page emailer campaigns

Well, when you reach the right set of people by connecting with them rather than just targeting them, you have already filtered through your level 1 of sales funnel, haven’t you.

That’s right, the tools of today help us to design a more controlled and sophisticated marketing experience not only for the brand and organization but also for the consumers.

Its always wonderful to reach those who are interested, it not only reduces your business age of sales but also makes creating more such bundle offers and referral programs possible for every group of demographics of consumers and prospects.

What has your experience been with viral marketing campaigns so far. Do share with us here.


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