Free Photoshop Tutorial

Line Art Glowing Text effect – Free Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1
Create a document of 3000 x 2000 px wide. Fill background with black.

adobe photoshop tutorial
Step 2: Wrap Tool
Draw many horizontal parallel lines  by using line tool,  hold shift key to get straight lines. You can use as many colours but also add white as base colour in between to get a balance effect.  OR  can use 3 to 4 different colours & repeat it by ctrl+J .Merge the layers  into one layer it should look like the picture given below.

adobe photoshop tutorial

Step 3
Now wrap it by using transform tool (Photoshop > Edit > Transform >Wrap) something in this way or any other shape you can create by twisting it.

adobe photoshop tutorial
Step  4
It’s  time to give glow to the shape. Add outer glow & gradient overlay to it as given below.

adobe photoshop tutorial
adobe photoshop tutorial

Step 5 : Small brush Tool

Within the Brush panel  (Photoshop  > Window  >  Brushes, or F5),explore the sizing, scattering (with fade), spacing  and pressure: Create small dots with brush as shown below.

free adobe photoshop tutorial free adobe photoshop tutorial


Big brush tool
free adobe photoshop tutorial

Next you have to do is place the effect of a brush all around in the manner it is shown. The difference is I have placed the text ‘TD’. You can paint using this brush & give outer glow to it as shown below.

free adobe photoshop tutorial

It should look like this.

free adobe photoshop tutorial

&  It’s  done!

Happy Creative Time!


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