Social Media Marketing connect Blog Top nine posts that you might have missed

Social Media Marketing connect Blog Top nine posts that you might have missed

1. The new Facebook Brand pages are here:

new facebook page with timeline functions and cover page techdivine creative services social media marketing rband monitoring seo services mumbai India

The power of  TIMELINE is here! Share your STORY by adding in as much details about You, Your BRAND as you can.

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2. Your SMQ Social Media quotient celebrating 3rd year at Techdivine Creative Services:

Your SMQ Social Media Quotient Techdivine Creative Services Mumbai Marketing Digital Agency

Dear Friends, Thanks for an amazing Support and all Your good Wishes all these years.

We at Techdivine Creative Services are entering into the Third Year of our Second Flagship Brand “Your SMQ”‘s Launch this March 2012 wherein we have catered to around 27 Clients across 15 Industries in 4 Countries so far.  (More about the Company, Background and History & Our Brands ~Click Here)

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3. Pinterest: Social Bookmarking via the visual medium:

Pinterest Home Page

Now this is an amazing social bookmarking site. No wonder there’s so much buzz all around. It’s called Pinterest.

But it’s social bookmarking with a slight twist.

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4.  8 Freewares to increase your productivity:

Linux Penguin8 Free Alternatives to existing products that you use.

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5.  Do you really need a tablet pc:

samsung galaxy tablet P7500

It’s raining Smartphones and Tablets since last one year, isn’t it? No wonder, everyone out there is considering investing in it.

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6. Marketing & social media trend setters 2011 & 2012:

viral marketing integrating with social media monitoring tools
There are many brands which choose to begin with Viral marketing campaigns when they kick-start their online marketing activity. And why not, with the power of live and interactive tools that have been integrated and have become part of emailers, landing pages, web banners etc today,  viral marketing is much more than your regular “just to sell” emails.
 angry birds on facebook this valentine from rovio
Your very own Favourite Angry Birds Game from Rovio is now on Facebook too!
 social media marketing brand monitoring seo to sales online strategies
The journey from social media to assured sales is the one every brand would love to make.  As it not only ensures good business, but also helps brands to establish themselves as “Consumers Choice”.


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