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Every company is shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

In today’s world having a digital presence is an utmost priority for every company irrespective of whom they cater to (BtoB or BtoC).

employee advocacy, employee satisfaction, employee engagement, techdivine


Why digital?

Marketing digitally helps you filter your audience, reach out to them exactly when they need or require your product and services and also understand what your end customers think about your product and if there is any scope of improvement because you get authentic feedback which is also called as user generated content if used wisely.

Apart from the digital presence of the company and the brand image, Employees are the face of your organization.

People/audience are more likely to trust what your employees speak about the company than what you put online.

It is said that approximately 7% of your sales can increase because of employee advocacy and engagement.

An employee talking about a new product launch or achieving a milestone or success to his friends will gain attraction and add-on to the marketing of your product or achievement. This happens when your employee is content with his / her job and prefers to become an employee advocate.

However, the reach of such instance is quite minimal but if your employee posts it on LinkedIn or Facebook or also tweet about it on Twitter, imagine the amount of reach your employee will attain?

Better than what you as a company would post, right?

Now imagine if each of your employees did speak positively about your brand on digital/social media what would be the amount of reach, you as a company can attain?

Immense right?

That is why we say – Employee Advocacy and Employee Engagement can work wonders for the company when we talk about increasing sales, building the trust of your consumers and also the brand image.

Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.
-Harvey Mackay

However, this can totally backfire if your employee is not well-versed in the digital space or social media and the available tools.

Investing in the skill upgradations of your employees when it comes to being digital will eventually bring in a lot of Return On Investment (ROI) for your company itself.


Employees can be a lot more than just people working in your company. They can be an asset worth investing in because the return on this investment is far more.

Sunny Pawar and Aarti Makwana, how the story began by Shefali Pawar Saathi

Aarti The Unknown Love Story Sunny Pawar

Sunny Pawar and Aarti Makwana, how the story began by Shefali Pawar Saathi

Where do I start?

With this Project, or something way back? Yes, it should go back when it all really began.

This movie is just the finish line.

Let’s see the real story behind this story.

Is it Love? Or Passion? Or Sacrifice?

It was probably early 1940; when one man, by the name of Sudam Atmaram Pawar, a humble man from Murud Janjira came to Bombay (as it was called back then) to try out his luck for himself and his ever blooming family. He was also a local Homeguard and District Commander of Alibaug, but that wasn’t just it.

He was a very passionate man. He loved photography. He was a man who loved Arts and Music. And this passion drove him to Mumbai. He opened up his own Photo Studio in Dadar (Mumbai) and named it after his eldest son, Sudhir Kala Mandir; Kala (meaning Arts) and Mandir (meaning temple). And that’s exactly what it was! It was situated exactly opposite the famous Ideal Book Company.

He lived upstairs with his family in the same building. The kids grew up seeing and learning this passion in their tiny yet busy lives. Few teachers teach lessons that are so direct, honest and significant. And one of them is called Life!

This man, Sudam Atmaram Pawar was our Grandfather, a man whose legacy continues to this day. It continues in us, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren too.

Our father, Suresh Sudam Pawar is also a very humble and passionate soul. Be his banking career or his work as an LIC Agent, he was always religiously and sincerely dedicated to his work.

I have yet to meet a man; who even at this age is so driven and so focused to his work. When we were small, he would sketch for us, and sketch so beautifully, for our school projects, just with a pencil or a chalk and we would be in awe with his wonderful work of art. And this same passion I see in my siblings; my sister – Sarika Mene (Our Director) and my brother – Sunny Pawar, because of whom I am writing this whole piece in the first place. Sarika picked up the same liking for Arts from our Father.

Sarika would literally be our project manager for every single art & crafts assignment right from our school days. Little did we know that she was so aptly cut out for Arts & Media alone. As they rightly say it, when a student is ready, the master will appear. She tried her hands on various aspects of Media, namely acting, advertising, and marketing. And instead of supporting her we would ask her to concentrate on her academics.

We always spoke to her about possibilities and opportunities; the wind blows around all of us, but the difference was how she had set her sails. She always knew without a humble but reasonable confidence in her own strengths and beliefs she couldn’t be successful. Then there was my little brother Sunny, whose head was up in the stars, and he would daydream and was about fun all the time. He would make us sisters laugh all the time that we would fall down rolling in laughter. The other times, he would be a typical sibling who as a sister you would love to hate. But our childhood memories were eclipsed with his grown up nightmares. Nightmares which he woke up alone to and we were nowhere close to calm him down.

He lost his first and true love who he had found in Aarti. But he did find a way to rise above his struggles.

All of us might have come across so many people who have given up just when they were about to cross the finish line.

The problem was they didn’t know they were so close. But he knew it very well. He was close enough. He had lost Aarti, but somewhere along the way, he had found himself.

He had learned from Aarti, that if you believed in something, be prepared to go all the way, right up to the finish line.

He knew it would get tough and it would even seem hopeless at times, but that’s when he knew, he would able to achieve a breakthrough. That’s exactly what he did and Sarika did too!

Too many of us get caught up trying to achieve perfection, believe me, it is irrelevant. And where do I, Shefali stand in the scheme of things?

Well, this is what I have learned, if you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they planned for you?

Yes, a passionate dream project. A project very close to all our hearts who have seen Sunny through these years.

This is what “Aarti – The Unknown Love Story” is all about. And it’s for you audience to decide if it is about Love, Passion, Sacrifice or Belief!!

Aarti The Unknown Love Story Sunny Pawar

Aarti The Unknown Love Story


Yes, I am Sunny’s sister, and so is Sarika. But that’s not the reason why I’ve written this post, or why Sarika took up the project to make a movie/biopic out of Sunny’s and Aarti’s real life story.

We did it because we believe that we want every single individual who sees this movie to be filled with hope, positivity, love, for life.

I hope all of you watch the movie and feel inspired and motivated too.

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