Wolweric: Part2: The Revenge of Crewin’s son


By Shivansh J
By Shivansh J



“May be I should be a vampire instead of a pumpkin,” said Ale.

She and Joe were sitting on the backyard. The birds twittered. The autumn leaves made a rustling sound. “But you already have your pumpkin costume although you had been a vampire last Halloween.”

“I know but I want to wear my big teeth again.” said Ale.

Kraw! Kraw! A sound came from the sky. “Oh my” said Joe “it’s a raven”. It flew to the forest. “Follow it” said Ale it’s a sign sent by Romania.

They followed it and reached the dense forest.

There stood Romania with the raven and told them to come to Wolweric.

After they reached Wolweric Romania told them that she received a challenge letter from Crewin’s son. The letters on the letter were curvy and old fashioned. Joe picked it up and read aloud.

To Joe and Ale I challenge you both to have a fight with me in the Temple of the dark Lord which is above the Mountains climb a hundred of stairs on the land of Eldorado on 8th of March in the year 1358.

Joe and Ale ask Romania how to reach there. She told them to go in the time machine which Stiffen had invented. They found it after a long search of Wolweric. Romania told them that Crewin’s son had inherited the transformation power from his father and he could transform into an old lady.

They were setting the machine to go in1358. Soon they took off, to the temple of the dark lord after they reached there. They found the mountain and realized they have to trek. After reaching the peak of the mountain they found a staircase going in the middle of the mountain and as they stepped on the first step the entrance closed by a huge boulder.   They met an old lady who told Ale to drink a portion which would make her stronger.

On the way Ale fainted Joe picked her up and continued the journey. Joe remembered that Crewin’s son can transform and an old lady. Oh no the lady was Crewin’s son and the portion she gave her was poison. Just then Joe heard a voice coming from the walls it said “if you want to save your sister’s life defeat me. Joe hurried down the stairs to the temple. Finally he met Crewin’s son. Very soon they started their fight, the weapon he had was very dangerous and Joe had to fight bear hand!

They started fighting, Crewin’s son fired the weapon Joe dodged it. When Crewin’s son had to reload his weapon Joe took the advantage and started to kick and punch him. Crewin’s son fell down and he kicked back Joe. Joe fell near the idol of the dark lord and found a sword behind it. He used it to fight against Crewin’s son. Just then Crewin’s son again fired the weapon and Joe strike it back with his sword on him and killed Crewin’s son.

A tablet came out from the dark lord’s idol and a voice came from it too it said give this tablet to your sister she will be fine. Joe took it and gave it to Ale. Within a few minutes Ale was fit and fine.

Soon they went home and went for the Halloween party near their house…….

To be Continued…….

School St. Gregorios


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  1. suri J says:

    superb write up

    suri j

  2. Amitks says:

    hmm i am lucky enough to get to read two short stories back to back from u.again a nice adventure .joe has kileld crewin as wll as his son.now wat should be next .will keep me coming back to this short stories teller blog.write next one ASAP.

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