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It’s raining Android everywhere.


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That’s right comScore reported the much awaited statistics for US Mobile Users Aged 13+:

Top Mobile Brands, Top Mobile Smartphone, Top Mobile content Used”

The results were – Android rules and

Under Mobile Content usage, Two among the Top three Mobile content usages were – “Using Mobile Browser & Using content for Downloaded Apps on phone” and with Android Market Apps topping across globally, these results were very obvious.

Google topped among the smartphone platform with a 31.2% market share rocking all the way with Android smartphones.

smartphone top market share android google mobile phones

download android apps smartphone apps google android market

At the same time, the mobile phone company that made the biggest ring this year was Samsung with its Android, Galaxy Tab and the much rumored Gloria phones. No wonder stats show that the Top brand of Mobile manufacturer is none other than Samsung with 24.9% Market share.


Bottom-line Android is here to stay, rock and rule!

Three quick notable points and queries for Your Comments and Views:

  • What happened and why  – with Blackberry. What do you think?
  • Which mobile from the mighty Samsung is your favorite one and why?
  • Are you an Android user, feel free to drop in a few lines about your experience with Android Smartphone’s and some of your most favorite apps on it.

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Source Via comScore


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