Customized social media brand marketing using right set of tools Part 1

Customized social media brand marketing using right set of tools – Part 1

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“Ways to reinvigorate your social media campaign using social tools”

If you have been wondering about the hype on Social media platforms and are considering adopting it for your brand, then this article is definitely for you?

The idea is to tap the potential of online marketing and brand monitoring integrated with the power of SEO (Search engine optimization) as part of your social media marketing campaign?

This post is to give you a leg up on the social media bandwagon and hopefully clear a few doubts and at the same time, give you a few new ideas as well.

Publicize your Brand:

You do not need to be on every social network that is available on this planet. You already know your industry the best. You know where you can find your target audience with your past customer insights and metrics that you must have generated over so many years. Use that data, connect with your in-house marketing technology team or your digital marketing agency and gather the information and statistics to the right set of platforms where your end users will be active, then create your presence there.

Let’s say your marketing team or your professional digital brand marketing agency says that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter & may be even across a blog, in this case, make sure you share your tone of content, the actual content, videos, links, etc if any with your in-house brand communication corporate notes and plan your first impact entry post across these social profiles in a step by step manner.

Eventually, make sure to integrate your traditional marketing methods of print, visual, emailer or newsletter etc across any social medium as part of this social media marketing campaign.

The core idea when you being communication on a digital or a social platform is to start by sharing content that will positively improve your Brand recall and reach & help you build that trust. This ensures, consumers can instantly identify your brand with existing products or services that they use. This also caters to the most important aspect of every BRAND’s top concern today, addressing, social complaints. When you provide your end users with a professional and appropriate outlet to reach you and where they will feel that their concerns / complaints are genuinely being listened to by the BRANDS, there are fewer chances of them going viral with their issues. So, Brand monitoring is taken care of right from the beginning, as part of a well planned and executed social media brand marketing strategy.

Build Relationships with Customers by engaging with them & providing them with useful content:

Providing useful content assures customers about the quality and professionalism of the brand and allays their fears of being spammed with unwanted messages. Facebook and blog comments, Twitter replies and re-tweets are excellent methods of engaging with customers directly and gauging their requirements. It provides a personal connect with the consumer which was rarely possible with orthodox and time consuming surveys of the past.

Location Based or geo target marketing:

Apps like Foursquare help users to connect with the brand even while traveling, also earn discounts on purchases and do so much more. This is a part of “Gamification” which involves engaging the user via small challenges or games to earn points or discounts. Competing with other users which helps in promoting the brand indirectly as these users become your brand ambassadors online. Also, appropriately using such geo marketing apps, enables brands to even focus on targeted areas instead of trying for a random reach. In other words, with such tools, the brands get an option to think local and act global at the same time.

Who better to voice out positives about your BRAND than the users themselves?

Make use of e-mailers, landing page redirects, viral marketing techniques etc and include appropriate social sharing options so that users can share with as many users and across as many social networks as possible, thus allowing you to cast your reach and social net even wider for more lucrative prospects. Also consumers tend to trust people they know more, than the brands that they don’t. In simple terms, as our CEO quotes, “in social virtual world or otherwise, at the end of the day, people always buy from people. So make sure your brand has a face and a real voice that users can connect with.”

So when existing customers share your links, they are metaphorically stamping their seal of recommendation and approval for others, thus making your brand more ‘trustworthy’. In any case, you already have a brand monitoring plan in place as discussed in the beginning for users who might have any issues at all when interacting with your brand. So, no worries. Your brand is in safe hands with a well planned, executed and monitored social media marketing brand campaign.

Engage via “out of the box events”:

Take for example Coca Cola’s heart touching friendship machine which was unveiled on friendship day. It was a perfect take on friendship day emotions which earned them a lot of goodwill from fans all over the world. They repeated it with the Hug machine and the Valentines Day special couple machine.  Events that trigger positive emotions always help to increase sales as Coke discovered. Plan something similar for your brand which will bring out the humane and fun side of your brand. The reason being simple, it helps you to humanize your brand.


Do not hesitate to adopt new trends:

Try out new and upcoming trends like QR codes, android app, iphone app etc although on a trial and see how it works for you. This gives a dash of uniqueness and also helps to connect with a whole new user base of youngsters and smartphone users. What’s more, it gives you a plethora of options to track them too.

At every stage, make sure you are in sync with your in-house marketing and technology team and they are in sync with each other. If there is disruption ‘in the house’ itself, no amount of power packed social tools will come to the rescue. Make sure, your teams in-house and or external understand and respect each others skill sets. This ensures confidence and mutual trust which at the end of the day, gets reflected in the brand message and gets passed on to the end users too.

Always, remember, using a industry customized social media brand marketing campaign is very much possible and is the need of the hour. Make sure you use the right set of tools and the right target of platforms online to reach your end users.

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