Win Flipkart Vouchers with our Social media contests going LIVE NOW

Win Flipkart Vouchers with our Social media contests

We have been getting scores of emails from our members across Twitter @Techdivine – Facebook @Techdivine & Google Plus @Techdivine asking us to conduct social media contests (Our Social media contest conducted in July first week – Facebook social media Techdivine contest – Link Click here) across all our social profiles this time simultaneously.

And we loved their idea too.

So we decided to conduct a Social Media Contest Marathon across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus back-back and declare THREE WINNERS in all at the end of the three days of this social media contest Marathon.

So this time, there will not be One, but Three WINNERS at the end of this Social media contest marathon who will win FLIPKART Gift Voucher from Techdivine Creative Services.

The Contest starts today 17/07/2013 at 9:30 am (IST) across all our three major social networking profiles of Facebook –  Twitter Google Plus and ends on 19/07/2013 evening 8:00 PM IST.

On 20/07/2013, we will declare the total of THREE WINNERS.

These winners can be either One from each social profile or in random order too depending upon the response, feedback, participation and final decision from team at Techdivine Creative Services.



  • Tag Your FRIENDS in the “COMMENTS section” of this “CONTEST Poster” & Write the name of the ICON that suits them the best! (You can check out the Examples given below on ‘HOW TO WRITE’ across Google Plus, Twitter & Facebook. Make sure to Like/Follow us across the social profile contest you are participating in. You can participate in all of the social profile contests too.)
  • Then end your comments with #Techdivine hashtag and
  • Finally share it on your Social profile in the case of Google Plus and Facebook and in the case of Twitter, RT our Contest poster tweet.”

contest2 copy

(CLICK on image above to ENLARGE)

For Facebook & Google Plus:

  • Then share the Contest poster on your social profile with settings as “PUBLIC” so that we too can see the same on your profile.
  • Make sure to Join / Like or Follow us on our Social profile.

For Twitter:

  • How to WRITE On TWITTER: Write as follows: Eg. @Techdivine @friendsTwitterid @friendsTwitterid Loves desserts #Techdivine
  • Then RT our Contest poster on your Twitter profile so that we too can see the same on your profile.
  • Make sure to Join / Like or Follow us on our Social profile.


Rules for the Contest: (Follow them as mentioned below to avoid being disqualified from the contest)

Users / members / fans & followers can participate in one or two or even across all three of our social profiles Twitter  Facebook  Google Plus where contests are held at the same time too. There is no restriction on participation.

Guidelines to follow: (Follow them as mentioned below to avoid being disqualified from the contest)

  • Please do not spam or involve in social abuse in any manner as this is a fun contest. Do not tag users you do not know as they might not appreciate it and block you. More comments, tags, likes, shares, rt etc does not guarantee that you will be the winner, but yes, sincere and continuous participation does add you some brownie points from our end for sure. But, the decision of final three WINNERS is entirely up to us (Techdivine Creative Services) and is not debatable. Keep it clean, original and enjoy the contest as you too might discover fun ways in which your friends look at you too via this Social media marathon contest. Enjoy and participate throughout the contest across one or all profiles during the contest duration.
  • This CONTEST is not related to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Flipkart in any manner and is conducted ONLY by the team at TECHDIVINE CREATIVE SERVICES. So for any queries, write to us @Techdivine on Twitter or Techdivine on Facebook, Techdvine on Google Plus Or
  • Make sure to add this hashtag in the following manner #Techdivine at the end of each of your comment(s) for the comment to be eligible for the contest.
  • Three Winners will be announced on 20/07/2013 who will WIN Flipkart GIFT Voucher from team at TECHDIVINE Creative services.
  • Check here to see if you are eligible to receive FLIPKART shipping for your location – DOWNLOAD The Zipcodes PDF that are eligible from FLIPKART for delivery Click here serviceable Pin codes (2)
  • Techdivine Creative Services (and their team) will decide the FINAL WINNER and it is not debatable under any circumstances. Their decisions are final.
  • We are merely conducting this contest for fun and connect with all of you out there and we cannot be held responsible in any manner for the authenticity of the products or services from FLIPKART. Also, make sure to check the relevant shipping charges etc if at all any once you have WON the contest and would like to purchase from their site. Flipkart has mentioned the following basic guidelines for making purchases from their site:
    • The Gift voucher from TECHDIVINE CREATIVE SERVICES is for Rs.500/- for purchasing any product that is listed under “WS Retail” of FLIPKART services which are majority of their products and services on their website. But do check the same during purchase for eligibility.
    • For purchases of products worth Rs.500/- and above FLIPKART Shipping is free for the location specified by them in their service pincodes mentioned in the Zipcodes PDF mentioned above. For any products purchased for less than Rs.500/- shipping charges will be applicable as per their conditions. So make sure to confirm and check the same as any such charges have to be born from your end.
    • The Gift Voucher is to be used On or before JULY 05, 2014. But do confirm the same with team at FLIPKART too once the winner has been announced and the voucher has been shared by us with you.
    • For all other conditions, rules, guidelines etc, for shopping from their site using our FREE Gift voucher of Rs.500/- make sure to visit them online or enquire with them in case of any doubts. You can also write to us at “” with subject TECHDIVINE Contest winner for any doubts and we will do our best to assist you for the same.
    • Flipkart rules, guidelines, shopping policies, charges, shipping, pincodes etc are subject to changes at any point of time, so it’s advised to the WINNER to CONFIRM their total cost, eligibility, etc before making the final purchase.
  • We would suggest not to wait till the very end to use the GIFT VOUCHER shared by us for the WINNER, but do your SHOPPING at the earliest. We hope you have a wonderful time with the contest and stay connected with us across these sites as we will be conducting CONTESTS like this starting from today, frequently. Join us across the following sites to STAY TUNED at all times

TECHDIVINE Creative Services on Facebook – Twitter – Google Plus

  • In case of any unforeseen circumstances, we at Techdivine Creative Services are at complete liberty to change the decisions and guidelines, rules etc during the contest period and the same in such cases will be updated across our social profiles too and the changes will not be debatable. We are at liberty to change the CONTEST winner announced too in case we get suspicious about the profile created of the user or in case we find out that the user has engaged in abusive comments or spamming others unnecessarily. Our decisions on the winners are final and are not debatable under any circumstances.
  • IMPORTANT Please Note: WINNER(S) need to claim their Prize from us in the manner specified from our end when we announce the WINNER. We will allow a maximum of 15 days for the WINNER to claim the prize from us from the day we have announced the same. In case the WINNER(S) does not claim the prize/gift/voucher as awarded from us during the said period of 15 days from the day we have announced the winner on the same contest page area, we will not be able to then provide the gift vouchers from our end after the expiry of said 15 days, as they will be shared with another winner for the same contest or a totally new contest conducted by us across any site as per our decisions. Please note: The rules have to be followed and our decisions on the final winners of the contest is not debatable.

All the very best and we hope you WIN!

Social Media Team

Techdivine Creative Services – Digital Marketing & Social media creative services Agency in Mumbai

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