4 ways Digital Marketing can boost employee career development

employee skill development career growth

4 ways Digital Marketing can boost employee career development

employee skill development corporate training programs


Top organizations have always focused on employee engagement, employee advocacy, skill development programs etc to ensure clear steps to create an employee career development plan.

This not only showcases that, as an organization, you care for your employees growth, but also ensures great productivity, happier employees and lesser employee turnover ratio.

Today top performing corporate professionals not only care about perks or salaries etc, but they are much more focused on their overall growth, talent development and most importantly, to ensure they have challenging opportunities in their organization.

Digital Marketing has a vast scope in terms of what you as a professional can do under its plethora of skills (Read the complete post: 11 Skills to make you the best digital marketing professional).

In fact, the more you get into it, the quicker you realize that even though many times, used as synonyms, there is a even a clear difference between digital marketing and social media marketing.

So, today, as an employee, in this blindingly fast competitive world, you can use digital marketing in the following ways to ensure great career growth, professional success, corporate success and stand out distinct to be the best in your organization and industry.

employee advocacy engagement skill development training

4 ways to use digital marketing for career development and performance management for great success:

1) Focus on Knowledge, your core skills and  your work productivity:

Just because you might be working long hours, will not necessarily ensure career success. What organizations today closely measure, observe and track are:

  • Your knowledge in your field of expertise, work and department
  • Your Core skills and room for improvement
  • Your actual productivity

How can Digital Marketing help you with this?

Well, the easiest way in an organization today to create a spotlight about your knowledge is by writing blogs, case studies, white papers, etc. You can write blogs with approval from your organization wherein you can generate valuable content and a power packed knowledge resource center for your clients, prospects and even peers within your organization.

In case you are worried about the long process or hierarchy that you might need to overcome to get an approval to start professional blogging, you could very well check out this post – 7 steps to start your own blog. In this case, you only need to ensure that you aren’t using your company’s name anywhere especially if you need formal approval for the same.

You can still write positive notes, guides, tips, etc about your work, things that your peers, clients etc might find resourceful while keeping the sanctity of your work’s private and or secure information safe at all times.

This will eventually catapult you as an expert in your industry and yes, for sure turn heads and get you noticed as a professional who is the best in that organization or even in that industry.

Blogging as a corporate professional also ensures your boss or your organization that you love what you do, are confident, are constantly learning, keeping yourself updated in your field of work and most importantly are ready to share your knowledge with others too, all of which are clear signs of a great LEADER!

2) Seven aspects about employees which top organizations today focus during employee performance appraisal:

  • Performance management
  • Academic discipline & strengths
  • Balance between work and personal life: Personal growth and Professional development
  • Employee Motivation
  • Employee skill development through (self initiated efforts)
  • Leadership Skills
  • Productivity – Goals and KPI

How can Digital marketing help employee career development during performance appraisal based on the seven points mentioned above?

Did You know that many organizations today are observing and or paying close attention to posts of their employees across social networking platforms. For eg most of us are connected with our bosses, peers, colleagues, clients, prospects, etc one way or another across any one of the social networking sites, be it facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. While assessing employee performance appraisal, your netiquettes online across social networking sites also greatly influence their decisions.

On similar lines, using for eg. a site like LinkedIn to increase professional network with an idea to boost your skills, learning, connect with an intent to add value to your organizations clients, prospects etc also greatly improves your ratings and feedback at work.

Companies today are also focusing on how you handle and or balance your work and life which can also be clearly observed looking at how you speak about different routine aspects of life on these social platforms.

Finally, of course, your KPI in terms of Key performance indicators based on the goals your boss or your Human resource management team has shared with you and how you deliver the same: ‘Do you meet the deadlines, do you use technology to cut down costs for your organization, improve internal process, reduce unnecessary paper work, add value to clients, get amazing ratings, feedback from clients, peers etc’, all these factors are key components in how digital can boost your career growth in the long run. For eg. if your boss mentions that you need to cut down costs of travel or hotel stays etc, do you fret over it or do you create a calendar schedule wherein you write and connect with prospects to generate leads or enquiries online, use video conferencing to reach out and boost your business growth etc. In other words, every single time you empower digital transformation to lower costs, improve productivity for your company,  etc your points and ratings during appraisal for sure goes up.

3) Learn and Unlearn: Today, the key to success is not just learning, but also unlearning:

Digital is evolving at a rapid pace. We are sometimes so worked up and set in our ways, that we do not realize the damage it does to our career prospects.

Adapting to changing technology, focusing on skills that are flexible enough for you to learn, unlearn and most importantly if you are working with one of the top organizations wherein employee advocacy, employee skill development, employee engagement, employee career growth, training and development through focused and well planned human resource management KPI’s are a regular aspect of your work environment, at such an organization, being able to quickly adapt and unlearn can give a massive boost to your career goals.

It will help you to get or win additional perks or enable your company to offer you best salary, clearly defined career strategy, help you to increase productivity, get promotions, more employee benefits to ensure employee motivation, personal development, personal growth and thus have a wonderful employee relationship management.


Because from an organizations point of view, you would be a professional who can adapt and grow with ease.

4) Top Organizations want you to Think like a Leader or an Entrepreneur for their Clients:

There is a very interesting article in HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW about the same: How can Big Companies keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive

Using Digital marketing today: You can:

  • Learn and constantly upgrade your skills
  • Pass on your knowledge, information to your peers and team members
  • Get trained and deliver training (formally or otherwise as a boss or a leader) across divisions within your organization
  • Give prompt feedback to your product, research teams
  • Use analytics to understand your customer’s journeys, experiences and expectations better
  • Use digital to deliver sales with more focused precision and learn to balance between technology and human connect while engaging with your prospects and clients at all times.

All the above mentioned aspects are core qualities and traits of a Leader today.

employee skill development career growth

And let’s be honest about it, every organization wants you to THINK and ACT like a LEADER or an Entrepreneur for the benefit of their clients with focused and personalized services at all times.

Over and above the support that they give you to be able to deliver better results each year, WHAT IF?

  • They help you to empower your Leadership skills further
  • Empower through more systematic and disciplined team work
  • Help you by supporting in any way possible to assure that you use the organizations corporate training programs on digital marketing conducted through hands-on digital marketing training or case study based social media training designed via special workshops on content marketing, custom designed professional blogging programs, focused articles and resources for delivering SEO, PPC, Analytics etc and in other words, ensuring in every way possible than you get the best corporate training programs focused for elite employee development to help you learn social media and digital marketing for professionals and career success etc

All of these aspects would help you to use Digital as an entrepreneur today to boost your organizations reach, increase your company’s success rate further, deliver better ROI, etc and at the same time deliver Value in real-time for your clients and prospects consistently. (Read the complete article here7 Steps: Using Digital for entrepreneurship and brand for impact)

Irrespective of which industry or field you are in today, learning how to use digital technology and digital marketing like a professional will surely add tremendous value and boost to your career success and growth.

Do You use Digital marketing or technology integrated marketing strategies etc in your organization to help your brand or business grow further?

Do share your comments and queries with me here, would love to hear from You.

Be Well

Ananth V

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