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iTunes Store live in India

Apple has finally made the iTunes Store live in India, enabling consumers to buy music and to purchase or rent movies. The iTunes store is available in 119 countries allowing users to choose from over 20 million songs from a wide variety of genres.

Mumbai Comic Con makes a big splash.

The Mumbai Film and Comics Convention which took place at the World Trade Center in Cuffe Parade is a paradise for comic book lovers and geeks. Since we at Techdivine are comic aficionados as well, it was obvious that we would definitely attend it. And it didn’t disappoint at all. For those who couldn’t make it, worry not, we will give you a short visual experience of the amazing stuff we witnessed.

Top 7 most resourceful posts for you

1. Lessons in search from Google.

I signed up for Google’s Power searching lessons class as soon as i came to know about it. When Google offers to teach you about methods to improve and refine your searches,its like taking driving lessons from Michael Schumacher. And teach well, they did. They did it so well that i got a 100% on their assessments. Now i am not saying that i can find results for whatever you throw at me,i am implying that these lessons have helped me to uncover a lot of tools that Google has integrated into its search engine that we normally ignore.

The Descendants Review

Movie Review – THE DESCENDANTS [Image source: Wikipedia] *ing George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller Before posting the review, the figures first: …

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