Steve Jobs reveals iPad2

Steve Jobs reveals iPad2:

There has probably never been a Brand belonging to the ‘mostly elite buyers group’ and yet adored globally as much as Apple.

Just like each and everyone of you, we have been in love with this brand ever since we laid our eyes on the first Apple Mac a decade ago.

So when we heard that Apple was to launch the iPad2 we have been on our toes waiting for the big day. And, It’s finally here.

iPad2 was revealed by the Man himself, Steve Jobs. So we thought of scurrying through the website of Apple to put together a gist of the core features for our readers who would want to get a quick read of what the iPad2 has brought in……for all of us.

Worlds most beautifully marketed Brand Apple’s, Magic maker Steve Jobs held the already mesmerized audience on their toes and took them by awe on March 2, 2011 (Wednesday) in US by unveiling the new & most eagerly awaited iPad2 starting price range from $499 Onwards.

Apple iPad2 Steve Jobs Unveils iPad thinner and faster

Here are few features, that makes iPad2 the ultimate combination of beauty, performance & pure genius.

Its thinner, lighter & faster than before!

Apple iPad Steve Jobs Unveils

Few of the Core Features:

Two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording with the dual-core A5 chip and 10-hour battery life. More sleek than ever before.

Apple iPad2

Now web surfing, playing games, watching movies, checking emails, reading books have become pure joy via the new iPad2. Its fast with simply amazing graphics.

apple ipad2 graphics for gamers

Another jaw-dropping feature is the LED-backlit display. And this with the 9.7 inches of high-resolution display, the clarity is simply awesome.

LED Display 9.7 inch iPad2 Apple watch movies apple store

With the all new Dual-core A5 chip the graphics will be turbo powered and with a great battery life it will be very difficult for Graphics and game lovers to be seen without this technology product from Apple in their hands.

Facetime iPad2 Two camera dual

Few other core features are:

  • Multi-Touch feature on the iOS4 which is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.
  • Storage:  16GB – 32GB – 64GB – 16GB – 32GB – 64GB
  • Two core models available: Wi-fi & Wi-fi + 3G

Now for some Real cool favorites noted here are:

  • The AirPlay feature: Your movie-photo-music – movies stream wireless to your HDTV and speakers via AirPlay-enabled speakers or Apple TV on a Wi-Fi network
  • AirPrint feature: This super-cool feature helps you Print everything wireless.
  • And of course, the always simply rocking Apple Apps

apps apple ipad2

iPad2 Print Wireless with wi-fi


Now there’s just one thing more to do – “Know how and where to buy it & What better than the Apple store itself”

How to buy

Shop for Apple iPad2 from Apple Store: Apple Store

For Pricing Visit Here – Apple Store Online

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  1. Varsha says:


    I love apple products. Though would rather wait for the prices of ipad to drop here first rather than order from us the ipad2.
    The whole idea of apple rocks, style design and its sucha lovable product but not very sure about the service centers here in india.

    Nice post.

    Thank you. Avid reader of your social media blog.
    Varsha M
    Marketing & PR Consultant

  2. ritesh says:

    thanks dude i like your images…

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