Why is Blogging so important for professional and business success

blogging content marketing strategy

Why is Blogging so important for professional and business success

“Blogging is not a one time strategy. It is a daily effort with a sincere idea to add VALUE to readers”

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It’s great that you have a website, may be even an app, wonderful that you are constantly posting content on social networking sites etc. But if your Digital Marketing Strategy does not include Bloggingthen you are LOSING OUT on Prospects, Customers, Brand Loyalty, reach, targeted audience and yes, power packed SEO for your top page ranking of core keywords!

Here are 7 reasons why ‘Blogging is crucial when it comes to Professional and Business success’ today:

1) It Humanizes Your Brand:

That’s right.

Brands today have a role much more responsible than ever before, i.e. to connect with the customer within.

Social media or digital marketing is no longer about hits, likes, follows, website traffic etc. It was, is and will always be about People. People buy from People they TRUST. So it is core to Humanize Your Brand. Which is why it is important for brands to understand the importance of moving away from VANITY METRICS and focusing on Real ROI results as a Business or a digital marketer today.

Blogging unlike a website has a much more user friendly or personalized features, functions to connect, have conversations with readers in real-time.

To give you a simple example, you could add a face to each post and give the readers an opportunity to know who the writer is, to connect or communicate with the writer or author of the post in real-time, share comments, views, suggestions about the article, get response, reply and or feedback too for the same without having to drop a mail or post in a form with details etc.

Blog offers readers a simple and easy way to have a two-way connect, communication and conversation from a prospect or a customer to the brand / organization easily.

The moment you are able to add a face, profile details, email to connect, social networking links to engage in real-time, users feel more comfortable as they get a sense of familiarity with the person they are reading from or planning to write to!

This is specially true in the case of conversations in a B2B environment. Blogging helps you break distance and unfamiliarity barriers easily and build trust.

It feels more genuine, sincere and in other words, humanized!


2) SEO:
Even though, in reality, SEO as in Search Engine Optimization is just a small part of Digital marketing or social media,  it’s significance cannot be undermined. It’s value for sure cannot be ignored in the long run.

Blogging consistently, using content that is both valuable for end users or customers and interesting helps you to not only reach out to targeted audiences, but also helps your blog site to be searched and discovered by users who are eagerly looking for related information or services or products.

A good content marketing strategy integrated with your blog will empower your Search Engine Rankings to a great extent. Thereby focusing on organic reach and leads / enquiries on your site.


3) Third party sites VS Owned Blogs:

It’s a great strategy and idea to optimize promotions on social networking sites today, there are no two ways about it. But let’s be realistic!

What if tomorrow these social networking sites suddenly decide on what type of content or how frequently can you update and scores of such similar restrictions?

Already they restrict creative, types of messages, text or amount of text etc.

They have been known to have changed more than hundreds of times there “SECURITY SETTINGS” their “GUIDELINES AND POLICIES” etc which have caused brands great deal of pain in terms of being able to organically reach out to their own brand followers and fans over the years.

So having your own website and blog is always a must-have today!

It gives you control and access to what type of information, what time, who are your real interested and targeted users etc and reach out to them accordingly when they are online and active.

Plus, it empowers your organization to have a database of actually interested users sharing their email or phone numbers for you to be able to reach to them directly.


4) Security and Competition:

Let’s say you are coming up with offers, deals, etc for your brand or business or products / services and your prospects try to reach out to you enquiring more information for the same.

Now on social networking platforms, all this information is by default on a “public domain” which means, your competitors can also see these users and may be even engage with them or try to sell something unique or even a better offer.

Similarly, there is a possibility that the information you are asking from your end users is more sensitive and needs to be on a much more secure platform for them to have a comfortable and trust worthy conversation with you.

Having a dedicated blog allows you to do all of this and more.


5) Maintenance:

Maintenance of a blog in comparison to a website is definitely much more easier and convenient. Also, in the long run, the costs comparatively are much lesser in terms of the functionality, features, widgets etc which blogs allow you to easily integrate within your platform as compared to a website. Which means, more interactions, more real-time engagement, lesser long term costs and much more user friendly tools to maintain the same.


6) Expertise:

Let’s say, you want to prove your worth as the best digital marketing professional or the most influential digital marketing leader in your organization or industry or country or even globally for that matter. Having a dedicated blog wherein you share useful tips in the form of a blog’s knowledge resource center (KRC) wherein you can share power packed resourceful, insightful information which not only your customers, prospects will find relevant and valuable but something that even your peers, colleagues would find extremely useful will help you establish yourself as an expert and a leader in your field of work.

Also, in the long run, your brand and organization will definitely benefit from it as it will send a clear message that your idea is not merely to sell all the time, but that you care for your end users and are here to consistently provide great value!


7) PPC, Email marketing, Content, Analytics, Digital strategy … all in one:

  • Pay per click campaigns i.e. PPC, helps you generate traffic, leads, enquiries, engagement, etc for your organization. In the long run, a Blog does that and so much more.
  • Email marketing helps you share updates, latest news, offers, deals, with users whose email database is with your organization. Today, a blog allows you to get users email and create a power packed database of targeted users who can be sent such emails in the form of blog newsletters and kept updated on a regular basis and that too with ease.
  • Content is core for digital marketing. Let’s be honest, a blog is all about it’s content. Thus, if you have a blog that has a great targeted audiences as your end users or readers, you can be sure that you as a brand have great content for your customers and prospects. In other words, a blog showcases your clear focus, sincerity, trust and sense of discipline as an organization.
  • Analytics is what will help you create custom designed customer journey, customer experiences. Blog statistics helps you do just that. They way users engage with your blog, communicate, share responses, feedback, etc helps you understand which content or menu or post or link or page within your blog delivers better ROI and accordingly allows you to use analytics within the blog further to create customized digital touch points for brand sales or engagement.
  • Digital Strategy: No blog can sustain with random content. In other words, having a well planned content marketing calendar and a clear focused digital strategy is most relevant in case of you as a brand or a digital marketer running a professional blog.

Data is the heart of a digital marketing campaign and content is the soul of a brand

There are so many more reasons that will encourage you to ensure that you create, design, plan, maintain a power packed professional Blog for your brand or organization as a marketer or a business.

Are you planning to start your own blog for the very first time? Well, here are simple steps to help you get started: 7 steps to starting your own Blog – Click here to read

blogging content marketing strategy

Hope you found this article useful.

Feel free to share your queries, comments with me here. Would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing day ahead.

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