5 ways to avoid failure, boost ROI success using Analytics

digital marketing social media ROI Success

5 ways to avoid failure, boost ROI success using Analytics

Failing to plan is planning to fail ~Alan Lakein

Analytics in the form of Google Analytics, Facebook insights, Instagram insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, WordPress statistics, Sentiment analysis, brand monitoring, trend & hashtag tracking and management etc today are core aspects of digital marketing which cannot be ignored while designing a social media or digital campaign strategy today.

ROI is core and crucial for businesses and brands.

digital marketing social media ROI Success


Data is the heart of a digital marketing campaign and content is the soul of a brand

Understanding who has viewed your information, at what time, from which source, the demographics, their affinity, their buying behaviors online etc are information that will help you design and map customer journey and customer experience.

But the problem is, today, we live in a world of information overload. There is so much data in this fast paced world, that even living in the moment is getting difficult.

So it’s natural for organizations and even marketers at times to get overwhelmed with so much data and insights.

The idea is to ensure that you not only avoid digital marketing social media failure but also achieve digital marketing social media brand ROI success across your goals with each digital campaign.

Remember, Analytics is not about looking at data, rather interpreting it!

Measure and track information that is RELEVANT to your ROI / GOALS.


Here are five features or data within analytics that are usually most crucial when it comes to CMO, CDO, CFO, CEO, CIO, CTO etc tracking and measuring digital marketing success:

1) Users flow and Affinity:

These are categories in Google Analytics and Facebook insights which will boost your ROI success across aspects and tracking metrics for your social media marketing campaign.

Users flow: will help you understand your customer journey, digital touch points, which pages, content, etc are consumed more by end users, for how long, what appeals, where are the drop-offs etc and help you design a more suitable website, content marketing, SEO focused experience for your end users.

Affinity: Across segments like In-Market, affinity categories, others etc will help you understand your customer likes,dislikes, online buying and browsing behaviors, topics of interest etc. It will also play a crucial role in designing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns integrated as part of your digital marketing strategy using google adwords, facebook ads etc


2) Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Cost: Google Analytics:

Measure the lifetime value (LTV) of your users using Google Analytics:
The Lifetime Value report shows you how user value (Revenue) and engagement (Appviews or Pageviews, Goal Completions, Sessions, and Session Duration) grow during the 90 days after a user is acquired.

These could be anything based on your GOALS tracked, measured through the analytics. For eg. actual sales conversions, lead enquiry, subscribe, email newsletters, page views, sign-ups etc

These will work better if you have clear GOALS defined for your business.

Understanding customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value will help organizations to design a customized goal based digital marketing social media brand ROI campaign.

With this, it will also be important to ensure that you are able to track and budget your digital marketing campaign expenses based on your ROI plan: Here are 7 steps to help you get started: Click here to Read

See sample screenshot: (Click  pic below to enlarge)

customer lifetime value digital marketing analytics metrics google


3) Consumer behavior, lifestyle, mobile footprint, demographics:

Including and not limited to tracking metrics like household income, spending patterns, appeal to deals, offers, incentives, messages, etc will help you understand what type of advertising messages to design to reach out to users across different categories and demographics. For eg. see the screenshot below from Twitter Analytics sample report: These when integrated, understood and used to design content, ads, SEO, etc as part of your social media campaign, will have a much greater and focused impact.

twitter analytics

Digital marketing is not a one time process or strategy. It has to be a daily effort with a sincere idea to add value to end users.

“Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing ~Thomas A. Edison”

4) What TYPE of CONTENT:

Understanding what type of content appeals to users can help you design a customized digital marketing strategy for your end users across B2B or B2C industries.

For eg. do they download whitepapers, case studies more? Do they like or re-share top social media digital videos or images with links more, how much time do they spend consuming content, when are they online, when are they active the most etc are insights which will help you not only plan the timing of your content, but also the location and type of content that you can customize and share across platforms based on their responses. Did you know? We have achieved digital marketing campaign ROI success across content marketing and SEO too with actual sales conversions by even closely monitoring FACEBOOK REACTIONS of users across content for few of our clients (DOWNLOAD Digital marketing social media ROI case studies – Click HERE).

facebook insights

facebook insights


5) Custom reports:

Finally, custom designed reports. Yes, you can use features from Google Analytics like ‘Cohort Analysis‘ to create a custom focused and targeted tracking metrics to ensure your deals, offers, content, landing page users, web visitors, social media users, ecommerce or online buyers etc are users who are indeed your targeted audiences.

cohort custom google analytics reports

Other than this feature, you can anyway completely custom design and track a unique report based on metrics that you feel are relevant for your digital marketing social media ROI campaign by using the customization option in analytics too.

digital marketing social media ROI Success

Hope you found these insights resourceful.

How do you use analytics for your campaigns? Do share, would love to hear from you.

Feel free to reach me for queries here.

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Have an amazing day ahead.

Be Well

Ananth V

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