Social Media Marketing, Monitoring & Measuring: Turbo Powering Brand You in real-time

Social Media Marketing, Monitoring & Measuring: Turbo Powering Brand You in real-time

Great, so the world is now way past the “Social Media cannot be measured stage” as brands have begun evaluating the ROI for not only their Customer engagement, brand loyalty but have begun crunching sales numbers for their products, services and are gearing up to now go beyond the daily metrics.

Today with the power of social media tools, online marketing campaigns can track everything from pulls, ping-backs, redirects to actual hits, tracking, connect and sale.

The value in return, is well, just like the plan, long term and priceless.

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Its all happening and its in real-time.

The Most Crucial Challenge:

The real challenge which marketers across seem to be facing today is keeping the power of the three M’s (Market, Monitor & Measure) connected not just to numbers but the Brand itself.

Why, because we can use the three M’s today but can we empower it to turbo charge our Brand in real-time?

Let’s see how we can do it:

  • Customer within: To begin with, understanding that Brands today have a much larger and more responsible role than ever before, that is to connect with the customer within. This would be the first step. Stop trying to think like the customer, “be the customer


  • Its not me, its always You: Wouldn’t you agree if this was the line used rather than the one that movies have made legends out of, relationships would have been stronger with time and loyalty? Now think from a Brands point of view. One needs to accept the fact that unless you are Steve Jobs or Brand Harry Potter, your product might not get a million pre-booking orders a week in advance. Thus the second step is, it’s not just the service or product or brand that sells, for the end user of any other brand its simply ‘you’. Your commitment to them with sincerity in your gesture, tone, message and the constant effort to consistently deliver ‘value to the customer is all that matters.


  • Gratify NOW: Today the word “like’ and ‘share’ mean so much more and to a marketer these words today are pure magic when it comes from a customer. Why, because when a customer hits a ‘like’ or a ‘share’ button today for your brand, product or service,he is your very own brand ambassador online.
    • He has done three things for you with a single click:
  • Given you real time feedback
  • Added a power value in the form of referral
  • Turbo charged your Brand for FREE

Now when we think of it in the above terms, we realize the need to ‘Gratify’ that customer ‘Now’.  Always track and thank them, give freebies or badges, discounts for sharing etc that will actually add ‘value’ to them. It’s always easier to gift a prospect than share benefits with an existing customer isn’t it? So make sure, when they have powered you, you too empower them.

  • Invitational yet paid Lunch: So you have a fan page on facebook and every post of yours is about the new offer that you have come up with. Well, lets see, now ‘How would you feel if someone invited you at their place for lunch and then tried to sell you something at the dining table during your lunch or worse, made you pay for that lunch?‘ That’s right, so when you have a fan page and members, surround them with conversations about what they would love to do. Feed them with useful interesting information, resources and links. These pages are wonderful source to understand your customers so much better. Ask them, take their opinions, know what they like, engage them in conversations. Imagine scores of ‘fans’ suggesting ideas in real-time that could help you in helping them. That’s multi-dimensional targeted marketing power from a single page for you.


  • Ease to connect: Very important. Just because there is a site with lots of people online on it or may be a mobile application that is the most downloaded, don’t force it upon your customers too. Give them various options to connect. Have an easy way or platform for each of your customer to get discounted offers, deals, resources, freebies from anyplace that is of ease to them. So every offer of yours need not be marketed using only a blog or a fan page. It could be shared and integrated with website referrals, viral campaigns, mobile integrated offers with check-ins, twitter power and social bookmarking etc. Let them have the ease to connect with you using tools that they are comfortable with.


  • Its always fun when its well, ‘Fun’: Same old movies, dinner, clothes and routine work. So dull! Isnt it? So why give only an opportunity to comment, share or like to your customer. Give them something they can interact with. Engage them with tools that will make them use their creativity, or may be share their photography skills, make them fan of the week for engaging others, let them try out their new smartphone for scanning a QR code may be and sharing the awesome interactivity with his or her friends. Let them find out a fact about something interesting and unique, useful and fun while they engage with your brand. Keep it rolling.


There are so many more things that can be a part of customer engagement, moderation, monitoring and connecting with your user that can help you grow in every which way possible. Like the post reads, Turbo charges BRAND You!

I have listed just a few from it.

Do share your views, comments and your experience using various techniques to keep your customer engaged with your brand.

Looking forward to Your comments.

Have a wonderful day ahead!


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