Delivering Brand goals with Social media marketing Read Case Studies

Delivering Brand goals with Social media marketing experience across Industries – Read Our CASE STUDIES – PART 2

Part 1 of this post (Click here to read the first 2 case studies, if you have not read it yet)

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 More Case Studies:

 Case 3: Industrial:

 The Campaign: Social reach to make presence felt across (globally), enquiries from corporate & industrial zones and the core was to appear on Google Page Ranking 1 for their Top keywords from their spot at Google Page No.21.

 Client’s Core Industry:  Industrial (Among the Top Market Leaders inIndia)

 The Goal:

  1. Google Page Ranking No.1 from Page Ranking No.21
  2. Have a global reach
  3. Connect with Corporate and Industrial enquiries online

 Step 1:  As shared in Part 1 (This step is common for all client brands and campaigns initiated from our end)

 Core Platforms integrated: Blog & LinkedIn

Highlights of how we did it for Case 3:

 Step 2:

This is where we evaluate whether a social media campaign is really right for the Brand at this juncture. What content style, tools or platforms can be integrated as a campaign strategy using a social media marketing campaign for the said brand for their desired goals?

A detailed post on this can be found here: Is Social media marketing really for Brand you? First, know your smq ~ Click here for link

 Step 3:

The biggest concern for the client brand was, the core keywords they were looking for, ranked them on Google on Page.No.21 for their flagship products. They needed their consumers and prospects to locate them on Page No.1 when searched for their product and build a social platform for easy reach and connect. Simultaneously, random enquires or comments regarding their Industry products across general websites were also something they needed to organize and structure using a common platform for users to interact and enquire.

Step 4:

For this we provided the following platform integrations:

  1. A Blog wherein users could communicate with a face of the company for any and all faq’s (This was the primary platform)
  2. A LinkedIn & Twitter platform sharing only the new services and products of the company and to build connect with professionals
  3. We also integrated blog and LinkedIn together to share valuable high end product reports, services details, latest global achievements of the company at corporate level etc.

 Goals: In four month:

In this process, in a period of just four months, we reached Google Page Ranking No1. for their top 5 Keywords and Phrases. Also, we generated few queries on their Blog and created a smooth flow across their LinkedIn connect.

 Biggest Challenge: The biggest CHALLENGE for us here was to make sure their ‘Corporate users’ of these mega industrial products, used platform that we were integrating for their campaign.

Few steps we took to ensure the challenge was catered to:

  • Made it easier for Corporate users (Industrial Corporate users) to use our social connect platforms with a quick form to begin with on the front page of the blog.
  • We also integrated reports in single click quick downloadable formats to share the latest news and useful resources which might help them with their products and services.
  • This also helped us connect with users looking for solutions to their industrial products issues online.

 The Big takeaway:

It’s not necessary to be across every single social platform available online. Just make sure you are targeting the right set of audience. We used keyword analysis tools, lots of product research and insights understanding about what are users “searching for” online for this business sector and how do they communicate, using which medium online etc.

Case 4: Retail (Home Décor & Furnishing) Brand

The Campaign: Promote the Home Décor brand online, make it visible to users at the geo targeted level, increase brand reach and leads with constant communication online about new products, offers etc.

Client’s core industry: Home Décor furnishing

The Goal: Brand reach to a specific “GEO targeted” audience.

Core Platforms integrated: Website, Twitter, Blog, Google Places listing

Highlights of how we did it:

Step 1: Same as mentioned for case 1.

 Step 2:

 Strategy: Understand the users at a geo targeted level within a particular city (Zone). Use simple communication at an informal level to maintain, constant touch with users. Create brand trust with sincere and personal approach via social platforms. Idea here was clearly to CONNECT and not sell, to gain trust not push offers and discounts. Keep it real and humanize the brand.

Step 3:

We created a website, a blog integration with facebook as a landing page for users to post their queries, responses and at the same time we shared interesting updated engaging conversations to add value to their requirements for home décor and furnishing with home décor tips, etc via twitter and blog.

We humanized the brand to the extent possible with the available content and resources and stayed in touch with users online by providing resourceful insights and tips.

 Step 4:

After the first 5 months, We got our first enquiry via facebook page created for this brand, then another one via Google places listing, then another one via twitter and this process then followed smoothly.

 In this case, what we also noted were that, majority of the enquiries and leads which came, were from those who had seen a tweet Re-tweeted by a friend of theirs, of a Facebook page post shared by a friend or a blog comment made live on their Facebook profile via integration done from our end for this brand.

 Though we did not see a huge shift in “likes” or “followers” we found out that business enquiries were happening. It also seemed that majority of the users, did not want to enquire on the social page itself, but use the contact email and phone numbers shared from time to time, to contact us offline using social media information made available from our end.

 We also ran a poll to understand this behavioral pattern from their end. It turns out, since it was local brand with a single location, users did not want the general public on that page to know, their location or residence being near to the brand / business (For privacy & security concerns)

The biggest learning here was, for a household product, it’s very essential to make a visible HUMANIZED connect so as to gain quick loyalty via recommendations online across social platforms. This means, sharing and caring, by updating resourceful tips for users which they can apply to make their lives easier while maintaining their beautiful homes. Also, the “likes” and “followers” did not matter, as there were enquires who mentioned they saw the brand on Facebook shared by a friend, but had not yet even joined the page.

Case 5: Housing – Infrastructure

The Campaign: Create an overnight stir with an Online PR campaign across specific three countries.

Client’s core industry: Infrastructure

The Goal:

  • Brand reach for top five core keywords to create a stir online overnight via Online PR campaign across 3 Countries. (USA,UK,India)
  • Even related keyword searches should lead readers to their main PR Post and get their NEWS & voice heard first.

Core Platforms integrated:

  • Research analysis tools
  • In-depth integration of Your SMQ ~ Social Media Quotient process
  • Blog, Twitter, SEO PR Sites online for integration.
  • Our Corporate Blog with high end widget integration for that particular PR post

Highlights of how we did it:

Step 1:  Same as mentioned for case 1.

Also, since it was an overnight global online PR related campaign, we made clear arrangements for legal queries that may arise for the same once the NEWS goes global. We also provided a simple process for users enquiring about the genuineness and authenticity of the NEWS to reach the right source.

Step 2:

Core research across scores of news sites, in-depth understanding of the keywords and how it affects the searches, understanding the process to reach targeted countries via Online PR campaign on Google Page Ranking No1 overnight, was done with scores of data crunching.

Step 3:

Our Corporate blog played the biggest role here. It was integrated with power tools for seo, widget search and news tracking and with that we simultaneously touched base across scores of online sites generating rich and high quality ping backs and an overnight stir.

Want to plan a PR Campaign Online, email us at or Click here to reach us via our Quick reach Form link here for creating power packed online posts for your brand or product.

Step 4:

Within the first 24 Hours, We were on Google Page Ranking No1. for the core keywords across three countries on Google page search for the PR news. This process was repeated and the campaign was run for a week during which the keywords for the Online PR News stayed on top of Google Page for the entire week. Queries if at all any were redirected to the concerned team and brand who were handling the in-house Corporate Communication for the client brand.

Stay tuned with us here for Part3 to follow with more case studies.

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