Is Social Media Marketing really for you know Your SMQ

Is Social Media Marketing really for you? Know Your SMQ!

Are you just a part of the Social media frenzy or is this market potential really going to help you?

 Before you jump into a social media marketing campaign because everyone else seems to be doing it, ask yourself few questions like:

 Where did I hear about it? – If it is from your competitors site or your technical team make sure you pay attention to it before making any sort of negative decision?

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Can application of this media help me improve my business? – For this you need to know, what can this channel do for you, so make sure you hear out what the agencies around you and consultants around you plan to offer. Then share the same across with your board including your marketing and delivery team. Why? Because if your promise cannot be delivered, better not make yourself more visible. As social media tools will definitely put you out there in the global map. Also clearly understand, you cannot control conversations, but react and respond appropriately.

Is this safe to keep my brand protected?  – This is very important to know, for which an organization usually ends up handling the key responsibilities of running these powerful marketing campaigns to professional agencies. But make sure you too understand how it is done, at least know what level of control you possess.

Is my organization willing to give the time needed to build the brand across multiple platforms?  – If the answer is a no, then your answer is to get going with the traditional media that seems to work fine for you. As simply put, if you do not trust it to invest in your time, you anyway cannot connect with the millions across. The first rule of social media marketing is “Connecting” with your customer today faster than ever before.

If your organization is willing to engage in the technology tools of today, how can your team leverage your existing intellectual properties to further add value to your brand, product and service? – This is very important as whatever has worked for you, need not be altered but can be given additional boost with the market analysis and brand monitoring tools across platforms.

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Finally, what do you tend to achieve with the social media marketing connect? – Every campaign of social media is measurable in terms of its quotient and where do you stand with your social media quotient after every timeline is very much essential to know. As all that you would desire to achieve, technology provides enough of resources to customize it to your needs and measure them clearly for a stronger ROI value. So whether it is to calculate and compare your current and after social media implementation business age, direct sales leads, conversation prism engagements, actual impressions, measuring & tracking your final social media quotient to your actual planned goals regularly are very much essential.

Once you are able to answer these questions you can either set up a good team of skilled resources with a combination of strong marketing skills, analytical bent of mind who are technologically sound to run the campaigns for you or you can hire professional service agency to plan it as per your organizational goals.

A brief intro on “How to get started”

–      Profile your product, audience, market and your goals

–      Decide on the mediums and channel to implement your social media marketing campaigns from

–      Clearly define to measure your social media quotient across brands and services

–      Set timelines

–      Plan, design, implement, measure, track and reinforce with improvisations if needed.

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  2. Usha Vijay says:


    This is extremely informative post. Thank You very much.

    Usha V

  3. Priya Mathur says:

    Hi there team. There is a constant confusion on which platform to adapt and which site to promote and whether to promote or not. Thanks for making things so simple and clear.

    Priya Mathur

  4. Tanu says:

    Nice post. Am a newbie in all this. so deep and insightful

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    Hello Friend.

    Excellent post. This is something that every marketer should read. Brings out the most obviouspoints one needs to consider. Very nice. Bookmarked this site.

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    Wendy here and this is one super cool post. Loved the insights into whats imp and whats not while planning a digital campaign.

    Thanks a lot.


  7. Kamakshi says:

    Nice one. Very details and insightful.

  8. Amaardeep says:

    “The first rule of social media marketing is “Connecting” with your customer today faster than ever before” VERY TRUE.



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