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Did you know we are among the very early digital agency and social media Services Company to have successfully monetized our blog?

In-spite of that, you would not find a single banner of a third party site on our blog. We monetized it successfully because of this simple aspect in our Corporate Blog:

    • Relevant content for readers consistently, which is moderated and maintained with a simple idea to add value to end users optimized with SEO tools and user-friendly widgets.

And most important of all, we have designed our blog and on similar lines, corporate blogs for majority of our clients based on the following idea:

“Blogging is not a one-time strategy. It is a daily effort with a sincere idea to add value to end readers ~ Ananth V

Yes, that’s right:

We as a digital agency are not going to get into the usual discussions here in terms of saying “blog is the voice of consumers and brands today, etc”. Instead, we are merely going to share few points that we, ourselves and our clients have experienced by empowering social media and digital marketing campaigns with a blog. So in other words, we will share few of the power packed outcome and results of using a blog as a BRAND.

So, what can a Blog do for you as a brand?

  • As part of any social media marketing campaign, a blog ensures your intellectual property (IP) which is your content, to be your own at all times and not published across third party sites.
  • Increase brand loyalty by giving your messages and blog posts a face which your readers can connect with and even relate to.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) across blogs as part of your digital marketing and social media campaigns increases your page ranking results organically.
  • With the existence of a blog for your brand, your brand followers will have a single point of contact for them to reach and engage with easily so as to ensure they post their feedback about your brand and or services on your site rather than randomly across third party sites or applications.
  • Powers – up relationship building and helps you to truly ‘humanize your brand’.
  • A social media digital marketing campaign that has the power of BLOG with it, increases its chances of generating enquiries, leads and even actual sales conversions manifold by using a custom designed blogging service.
  • Increases “customer-list-building” strategy with your blogs “subscription” model (Freemium and or paid)

Blogs today are more than 'being your voice when online', they are your brands face! So connect, engage and have a wonderful reach ahead.

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