Geo - Location based target marketing campaigns:


Focused digital marketing and social media campaigns based on demographics and very specific user locations.

Our Geo (location) based target marketing campaigns are designed based on the following core power social influences of users when they engage online with their friends and or peers and with the brand:

  • Social media quotient analysis
  • Brand monitoring analysis
  • Social influence metrics
  • Keyword density analysis
  • Brand to user engagement
  • Gamification with social sharing
  • Social media contests across relevant users
  • Instant gratification

Did you know, that each time you introduce an “instant gratification” for your brand ambassadors online as part of your social media digital marketing campaign, the success rate of your campaign increases by over 20% - Wow!

Our geo (location) based target marketing campaigns are also integrated with mobile integrated social media services to ensure optimized campaign results for your brand.

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