Social Media Influence (SMI)

“The one who controls the crowd, wields the power to control the world”


This quote could not hold more significance than it does today in a world that is filled with clutter from social media and social networking sites across platforms. So how do you clean up that noise across this multitude of conversation prisms?

As a brand, not every user who connects with you is a prospect or even a brand loyal customer. But there are few, who have the power to influence others to become your brand loyal customers, to encourage others to give your brand and or services a try and after that even a beautiful and loving shout-out and or mention on a social networking platform.

They are your brand’s social media influencers.

Our social media quotient analysis under the flagship registered brand of “Your SMQ® - Social media quotient” also generates a “social media influence” report wherein you get to track your top influencer and even empower him or her with “instant gratification” to further add leverage to your brand and or services as part of our social media marketing digital marketing campaigns.

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