Brand Monitoring Campaigns:


“If you exist as a brand, then someone out there is already talking about you. Make sure you too are part of the conversation prism ~ Ananth V”

The consumer of today is not only well informed but is extremely well connected too. Also, the conversation prism which he is a part of is something that happens in real-time.

So when you plan a facebook marketing campaign or a twitter social media contest and any other digital marketing brand campaign, as a brand, your goal will be obviously to increase your lifetime value of customers and sales.

As a brand and as an esteemed organization, your team members will anyway for sure be in sync with the concept of “always listen to your customers”, but as a digital agency, having designed, implemented and measured scores of marketing campaigns over the years, we would urge you to “Listen to your own brands tone and voice from time to time too”.

Our brand monitoring campaigns do all of that and more. They are business-based metrics and measurement reports which will present to you detailed social media quality audit reports about your brands impact, engagement with end users, prospects and customers, emotion and sentiment keyword analysis impacts, demographics and users interests reach and with that of course, tracking your brand mentions online. We do this in sync with various reports across multiple social networking sites and websites that are finally integrated with our in-house marketing report analysis process under our flagship registered brand, “Your SMQ® ~ Social Media Quotient” and we present this to you in a simplified manner with “data” that is relevant and which matters for your customized digital marketing and social media campaigns with us.

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