Your Social Media Quotient Quality Audit report:

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Your Social Media Quotient Quality Audit report is one of a kind ‘integrated power house of information’ resource about metrics that goes beyond hits and traffic generated under our flagship registered brand “Your SMQ® Social Media Quotient” as part of our digital agency’s social media marketing insights. For high end requirements, we are glad to offer Big Data Analytics research reports and or complete web and social media digital marketing analytics reports for your esteemed organization with consultation and strategy for digital campaigns.

Our advanced metrics will further add-value to our clients for whom we deliver customized social media marketing campaigns. These generate additional metrics and reports for brands On: How consumers feel about their brand wrt competitors for -
  • Pricing
  • Market share
  • Growth rate
  • Profitability
  • Brand loyalty & position with engagement - Consumer perceptions
  • These metrics will assist brands to build better emotional connect or as the digital social media agency quotes, “humanize their brands” in a much better way and at the same time, help brands increase the return on their investment (ROI) and even measure it in real-time while also getting feedback on their products and services from their users (either via a private platform wherein the communication is only between the brand and that particular user or on a public platform), this option which is chosen by the brand or the organization as per their level of comfort and corporate policies. The idea is to humanize the brands and connect with the customer within while integrating valuable ROI and metrics measured and tracked in real-time.

    It is Brand metrics to the core -

    • Top keywords to the most influential links shared by your brand
    • Social media and digital marketing campaign phrases that have worked and can do better
    • Brand mentions that need to be immediately addressed
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Social media influence charts
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) integrated report
    • Facebook insights integrated report
    • Twitter insights integrated report
    • Google analytics integrated report insights
    • Consumer research insights with demographics
    • Devices-influence based reports
    • PPC reports and organic insights
    • Goal and conversion analysis
    • Brand shares that were well received and deserve an “instant gratification”

    And so much more…… as part of our social media digital marketing agency report with our premium and tier campaign models.

    The idea is to help you plan better and assist you in delivering more impactful social media marketing campaigns or comprehensive digital marketing campaigns at every stage for your brand.

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