Influencer marketing

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The influencer marketing campaigns from our Digital Agency integrate hassle-free power packed social media, blogging, creative writing and contest campaign services as per your requirements and needs:

Our Most Recent Influencer Marketing Campaign:

12 MILLION+ impressions, 1.2 MILLION+ Unique Users with Real-time Brand and content engagement - Influencer Marketing Campaign by Techdivine Creative Services at HINDUSTAN UNILEVER at HUL CONTENT DAY 2017 RADIOCITY INDIA campaign on October 2017

Few of our core highlights:

  • 3 International Awards & 4 Global recognition's in 7.5 Years of professional campaign services
  • 50+ Brands serviced across 27 industries in Six countries (India, USA, UK, UAE, SPAIN & Australia)
  • Our social reach across blogs, social media profiles, sites with our "influencer marketing" campaigns are spread across to over 1 LAKH profiles!

HIGHLIGHTS of INFLUENCER Marketing campaigns:

Our Social media influencer marketing campaign highlights for brands:

  • Duration is customized to suit your requirements and needs for eg. 1 day, week,  as per your brand requirement needs!
  • Hassle-free quick campaigns delivered across social profiles and blogs online
  • Easiest way to deliver awesome contests, quick news updates, increase video views, increase brand mentions and engagement, traffic to your site, visits to your landing page or forms etc….
  • We will bring together "social influencers from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc" and integrate them as per your campaign requirements, budgets, duration etc and we will save you the time and tasks to co-ordinate with them to focus and simultaneously run these campaigns as a single brand goal!
  • Brand monitoring INCLUDED as part of these services from our end for No additional cost!

Our social profiles and blogs have a power packed reach that have shared and delivered campaigns to over 1 Lakh profiles through our various social media and blog platforms integration with users across the globe!

Our core strengths for these campaigns have been primarily across:

“Twitter, Facebook and Blogs”

  • We do influencer marketing campaigns for Corporate brands across industries of Automobiles, Insurance, Smartphones, Consumer products (FMCG), Travel and Tourism, CONTESTS across brands and industries including different countries too!
  • Few brands for whom we have delivered and or have been a part of such campaigns include, HONDA, ASUS, Lufthansa Airlines, Kellogg’s,, Trip advisor, etc…..
  • “Our campaigns will be quickly delivered, hassle-free influencer campaigns focused on your core keywords, links, hashtags and brand USP”

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