Viral marketing campaigns and email marketing when integrated properly with your social media and or digital marketing campaigns, helps you to:


  • Reach your customers for referral programs
  • Invite your prospects for special events
  • Inform users about new updates
  • Empowers your company’s Brand Building
  • Informs them about your presence in the digital marketing and social media space so that they can easily reach you
  • Plan a custom contest on social media across users from specific demographics
  • Plan and send them Creative emailers that do more than just a click
  • Increase views of your brands content ORGANICALLY and using paid advertising process but only across relevant users and most importantly across real users
  • Increases search engine optimization (SEO) for your core keywords
  • Increase brand mentions exponentially across targeted prospects
  • Track users who have engaged with your emailer and or content
  • Increase real metrics that are valuable for your stakeholders like, enquiries, leads and even actual sales conversions when planned and timed perfectly as part of your social media and digital marketing campaign.

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